Claudia Carbonell

Claudia Carbonell Pericot

Claudia is a Puerto Rican freelance photographer and videographer. She primarily focuses on documentary photography, as well as commercial work. 

She has covered everything from disasters such as Hurricane María and its aftermath, to social movements like the most recent political protests in Puerto Rico which ultimately resulted in the Governor’s resignation. Along this time she also worked with renowned wedding photographer Wilo Rosado at weddings and private events. During 2017-2018 she worked documenting cultural events for Puerto Rico Tourism Company's social media content. Claudia has also held the honor of colaborating consecutively as a photographer and videographer for Circo Fest, Puerto Rico’s annual International Circus Festival at Old San Juan. 

Additionally, she has invested in commercial work as a co-founder of Estación 1558 creative agency. Located in the heart of Santurce, this company mainly focuses on producing creative content for local businesses and events. Through this agency, her practice includes working as a photographer and videographer in social media content creation for multiple small businesses like restaurants, local shops, independent artists, as well as bigger ones such as hotels. With her preparation in psychology, she delivers a well-thought out marketing strategy and campaign development that aims to shape positive social behavior. 

Claudia is available for assignments worldwide. 

Awards & Recognitions

2019 XXIX Certamen Exposición Asociación de Fotoperiodistas de Puerto Rico - on her first year participating in the Association of Puerto Rican Photojournalists Anual Exhibition, she was awarded in the Entertainment (circus) category.


2021 Placeres at Pública Espacio, Santurce, PR - Solo work multimedia exhibition, in collaboration with Larissa Pagán, sex coach, feminist and pleasure advocate. 

2020 XXX Certamen Exposición Asociación de Fotoperiodistas de Puerto Rico. Collective exhibition that took place at Parque Luis Muñoz Marín, presented by the Association of Puerto Rican Photojournalists. 

2020 Glitch Chicks - presented by Espacio Cómplice, located in Madrid, Spain. 

2019 XXIX Certamen Exposición Asociación de Fotoperiodistas de Puerto Rico. Collective exhibition presented by the Association of Puerto Rican Photojournalists. Curated by a jury of the Association's photojournalists.

2019 Camaradas, Arte en Solidaridad - presented by Instituto de SubCultura, Santurce, Puerto Rico. Collective exhibition to raise funds for artist Nelson Figueroa who lost his art studio in hurricane María disaster. Curated by Juan Carlos Amador, amongst other artists. 

2018 María, Categoría 6 - presented by La  Marqueta Retoña, New York. Collective exhibition about the aftermath of 2017 hurricane María in Puerto Rico. Curated by photographer José Jiménez Tirado. 

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